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 World Tour 365 – Part.1


Karhunpaini 13 €

Karhunpaini is Old Fashioned´s Finnish cousin. Where the domestic rye distillate and mellow beetroot face the wooded rosemary.



Easter Egg 13 €

The traditional delicacy from Russia that will take your tongue on a journey to Easter in the form of a cocktail.



Kung fu Hustle 13,00 €

The city needs a new hero. Is that you. wake up kungfu master within you.



タコ ”Tako” 14 €

 Do you dare to try?



One Night in Bangkok 14 €

One night and the world is your oyster!


Uusi-Seelanti/ New Zealand

L.O.T.R Lembas 13 €

From the Middle-earth Lothlórien, land of the forest elves comes this delicacy.


Australia The land down under

Derrick & Smoky 13 €

After this smoky cocktail, It takes ”nuts” to get back on the waves



Klassikot 13 €

Negroni 36h


Old Fashioned