Lunch 19-23.11.2018

We served Lunch mon-fri 11-15



Red pepper soup with fried chorizo

Teatteri´s fish selection with roasted dark bread

Lime marinated shrimps and pineapple with soy sesame vinaigrette

Main courses from the grill

Grilled trout and lemon potato purèe with tartar sauce

Grilled lamb chops and bulgur salad with garlic yogurt dressing


Bread pudding with strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream

TG ice cream supreme

2 or 3 courses of your choice
34 / 39

Dishes can also be ordered individually

starters 12
main courses 26
dessert 9

Lunch burger

TG moose “Sloppy Joe” burger 22
Coleslaw seasoned with juniper berries, country style fries

Lunch vegetarian

Bastilla filled with spelt wheat, root vegetables and brie 22