Deli´s menu

Caesar salad with chicken or shrimps 11,50€

Deli salad with two toppings of your choice 10,90€

Extra toppings 2,50€

The salad includes lettuce, tomatoes and watermelon.


Grilled chicken
Mango chicken
Coconut marinated shrimps
Smoked salmon
Chili tuna
Boiled eggs
Teriyaki roast beef
Mozzarella with basil and parsley
Feta Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Olive mix
Sun dried tomatoes
Spinach filled Ravioli
Garlic Champignon

Deli ♥ Linnea

Beetroot tofu
Kale & Edamame
Lemon Almond Queso Fresco


Lemon vinaigrette
Sesame soy vinaigrette
Balsamic vinaigrette
Curry and pineapple mayonnaise
Harissa yoghurt
Mango-Tahini sauce